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"...good food and wine, gentle exercise, stunning vistas, and stimulating culture"


Below are some of the photos we and our guests have taken on our tours of the Rioja region. Some show the grandeur of the landscape, some the beauty of the wineries, and others the fun and excitement of the cycling, the towns, and the people.

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Barrels in a cellar Bikes Church Tunnel Balconies Beers and Taps Bridge Brooding Skies Church The Erbo The Erbo Golden Church Interior In the Clouds Narrow Alleys Narrow Alleys Palacio Pujadas Palacio Pujadas at Night Roadside Adjustments Roadsign Rows of vines Shading under a tree Off to the bar Windfarm Winding valley Church Church Church Hotel interior Hotel interior Barrels Bike by a wall Bikes at a junction Guide with maps Bikes outside a hotel


Comin to ya, on a dusty road Fields and mountains Beautiful fields Finding our way Well trimmed vines Group cycling through vineyards Gehry, or garish? Hills and vines Red jerseys Village square and hotel Well deserved rest One of the hotels Cycling a straight road Stunning countryside Wind farm Church on a hillside Colourful cyclists Village in the hilld

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